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I am fragile

Fragile I am and weak is my mind
Handle with care O mighty unkind
In the lap of your trust I rest
In darkness thrives my quest

Trapped in the womb of sorrow
spasms of emotional marrow
sometimes chokes, then thrives
rises up... derides and cries

Emotional madness so fleeting
here was and gone into nothing

Darkness and lights’ endless sprinkles
In river of life bringing wrinkles

Bringing experience slow and steady
Age old wisdom to poor and needy
But, mistakes I commit time and again
when will I learn and unchain

Darkness seems long... in my room
I feel bored. I scribble and croon

Random lines, unknown faces outpour
From deep chasms of my torn soul

I reach out far and wide to witness
Beautiful mother's loving kisses

She fails to calm; I remain fragile
with no claws, no poison or guile!

Life seems in fast-forward mode
A brakeless vehicle on endless road
Does HOPE come to rescue here?
Will it betray? Run off? I fear...

I seek shelter. I seek love and care
homeless child straying here there

Protect me you friends capable!
I am fragile, weak, vulnerable!

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