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Hyena's hunting strartegy

Tonight I watched a pretty interesting style of hunting by hyenas in National Geographic channel.

Whenever the hyenas spot a group of deer, they amble their way lazily into it. They mix with the group and walk without threatening any herbivore. The deer can't perceive any threat and sometimes they even sit and relax. But the danger lurks very close. The hyena keeps walking very calmly and timidly and waits for the right opportunity.

A nearby sitting deer is suddenly caught by surprise when the slow and docile hyena transforms into a fast aggressor. It quickly bites a healthy chunk of the deer's flesh which now tries to run away. As the deer runs, it carries the hyena along which has its mouth clamped tightly in the deer's flesh. The deer can't set itself free. And to make matters worse, other hyenas soon join the hunt. The deer is brought down in no time.

Very cunning indeed! And this is the reason Hyena is sometimes attributed to a quality of deception and lack of trust. For centuries man has hated this species. However we can learn a very good lesson from this peculiar hunting strategy.

Always stay watchful... never relax because enemy can be in the mask of a friend!

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