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Hold on to that job tight

I have heard this quite often. Mr. X was working in a company for such a long time. For him his job was nothing...nothing valuable. One fine morning he quit. Let's not get into the reason here. After 2 years he changes his mind and wishes to join again. He finds it hard. He can't satisfy the erstwhile subordinates in the job interview. Things change...and change so fast. Mr. X thinks, those same juniors who took help from me, walked all around me, buttering me up like dogs are taking my interview. Mr. X can't find a job and leads a miserable life. His friends feel pity for him but surprisingly none can help him get a job!
Well corporate world is sometimes so cruel. Processes are sometimes bigger than names. We don't live in that era anymore where a simple connection with a faraway uncle could fetch us a job or a promotion. And this I realized a few days back when I got a call from a very good friend of mine about his jobless nephew. "Please get him some job in your company," he pleaded. It was difficult to make him understand that recruitment is totally governed by a process and I can't help here. Even if I am part of a process, the chances are very unlikely that I will be assigned to take that same candidate's interview. Processes are very big and you cannot predict how bits and pieces, some here some there, which make up the whole, can be manipulated with proper calculation and some favorable result can be aligned your way! Pretty tough! But that is the reality.
Just think about those who don't have a job… someone who has been jumping from one walk-in interview to another without any luck for a long time. How much importance he attaches to that boring job that you are holding?  Imagine what he is ready to pay for that boring and lifeless job you have?  May be his life! Yeah that might be true. But we don't value our current job that much because we are frustrated with the status quo.
It is midnight...past 12 O' Clock. Monday has arrived. Monday means and tension. Monday blues they say...Or is it another opportunity… an opportunity to contribute to the company's growth and prosperity... an opportunity to hold on to that job tight?

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