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1st Acrylic Painting...

9th Head Painting in the Head Series.

It started with a sketch as shown below - 

the sketch was projected on a canvas and I made an outline - 

I filled up colors - slowly - layer after layer - I would paint after coming from office... I would make sure that I don't paint for a long time in one sitting - as I needed to sleep early and get up early for next day work. 

I kept working at it for almost a month until the below image emerged  and I felt satisfied.

 9th Head Painting


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good that you are painting... but I don't know what to make out of this head.. and even more, out of YOUR head which draws this!

Anyway.. are you doing the marketing bit for your paintings?
Regularly share them in some forum meant for art works.. find facebook pages meant for painting hobbyists and share your posts there... email a bunch of art critics.. aggressively and creatively find ways to spread the word out for your paintings.. your works look good.. don't wait for people to research about you after you die.. in James Altucher's words, choose yourself.