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Getting your products noticed

It gives me tremendous pleasure just to see my blogs  getting published one by one and the paintings getting uploaded for the world to see. I had a desire to have my own website and I realized that. In this very moment of rejoice I acknowledge that  an increase in traffic volume, number of comments and so on would definitely make me happier. For this I might have to focus more on the quality of the content - rework on the original plan, rewrite the goals, edit and prune the posts and do whatever possibly I can.
I enjoy freedom and likewise respect freedom in other's life. Everyone has the right to choose his own way and pushing someone to buy in my idea is not correct. That's why I maintain a wide gap from a typical chain marketing member who seems only interested in increasing members under his name and selling his products. I find him desperate. His eyes twinkle with the greed of increasing his portfolio. He doesn't want you to prosper. He only wants his own selfish interests get fulfilled. And that's so apparent. Why doesn't he realize that?
I know if there is something actually good, people will somehow find a way to buy. If there is something people ought to be interested in, people will be, for sure. It is nothing to do with luck or chance.  It is the law of cause and effect. When you have put in the hard effort and taken the pain to raise something in the line of sight of your potential customers, they will definitely notice and then get interested.

If people don't feel pulled and sucked into a certain product then it might not be as good as you imagined in the first place. If you still believe your product is good enough and people don't notice, then you have to wait and watch, think and strategize or even make a new blue print of your next move! You don't have the right to hold them, shake them and  force them to buy. At best you can only display your products and sit with fingers crossed. Displaying means increasing visibility through different media - like a sales presentation, a facebook update, a tweet, an art exhibition, an email etc.
Having a healthy esteem about your products goes a long way in pitching and recommending your products without you looking desperate and pushy. And this esteem comes from a deep conviction that your product is actually good.

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