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Garbage in city

A buffalo was going by the road. It saw a monkey and asked, "Where are you going brother?" The monkey replied, "To clean up the city." The humans are all over here and making a mess everywhere. It's high time we use our common sense and start the cleanup job.

The whole city is stinking. It's hard to live here." The buffalo frowned and joined the monkey. On the way they met dogs, crows, cows and donkeys and ducks... and all of them marched on for cleaning up the city.

"But where is the garbage?" asked the donkey. The dog was quick to point out to the garbage. There at the other end of where they had gathered lay a pile of garbage.

Oh, but it is written clearly not to dump garbage there. (white letter on blue board, on the wall) How come we still have garbage?

Now the donkey opened his mouth after a long silence, “That’s because the humans don't abide by instructions and laws."

"Oh what a pity," sighed everybody. 

"But how to clean the mess?" shouted the donkey.

"We will eat them up," murmured the cow.

All the other animals watched as the cows started eating the rags, papers, rotten vegetables and fruits. The donkeys and buffaloes joined them. Even the monkeys. Some plastics also found their way into their intestines. 

The crows flapped their wings and started searching tiny food particles, insects etc.

The dogs searched for bones... non veg items.

And soon as the mess began to clear up, the municipality vehicle came to catch the dogs.

The charge being ... too many dog bites and diseases like rabies all over the city. All watched helplessly as the dogs were caught and taken away... towards their gallows ... may be!

This created chaos and the animals scattered all over. The cows fell sick... too many plastics they had ingested and soon choked and died. 

The rest of the animals ran, ran and ran... they were too scared. They felt bad at the plight of the cows and the dogs.

The garbage-place from where the cleanup act had begun a little while ago seemed deserted. Darkness had settled slowly on mother earth. The cold winter seemed cooler from the dew drops that landed softly.

Next day morning, a few people came to the same place to dump plastics, rags, rotten food, and other garbage. Life as usual, as they say, as the shameless humans - you, me and all of us keep dumping garbage day after day... all over the city.

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