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Falling leaves...

Misty mountains across roads serpentine,
make me feel as if I am in cloud nine.
Looking down the mortal world with disdain,
I feel like a God, confident and certain.
Oh Mankind! when will you learn and grow?
Its time to act...there is no tomorrow...
From the clutches of laziness, envy and lust
free yourselves soon as days pass by fast!
Before it's too late can I not put conscience
at a comfortable and benign place and resign
peacefully at night to enable fresh morning
greet up with promises and birds singing...
Of a new day and goals to be accomplished
and some tasks bound to remain unfinished.
However, I feel better each day, for sure,
with each success and my soul crying for more.
Yet failures loom large and I fear -
Someone might reject me who is so dear.
Am I being too selfish? Only thinking about me?
I strive for answers and can't find so I flee...
Into the infinite woods...the faraway forest
Hungry and thirsty I search for a shade to rest.
Falling leaves from parched trees make me wonder
thirsty trees can't hold on to life any longer.
A strange change happens within as I see
my own fortune is not enough and  I have to free
my fellow brothers who are lost and blind.
How can I not care for the whole mankind?
When Rain Gods betray on a monsoon-less year,
the trees breathe their last and disappear.
Inspite of my efforts, sand recede underneath.
My soul cries out in anguish as I retreat.

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