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Fake vs Real

It has been now 1 years, 6 months, and 18 days in Netherlands. 567 Days.

Having come this far from home has given me a good exposure of a lot of things. I like to observe - notice in detail and I love to analyse. It gives good food for thought. Someone well said - "you are what you are because of the food you eat and the thoughts you think". Someone might say why do you see bad and negative things in others? My answer to them would be - I like to see these bad qualities and analyze them and make sure I don't implement them. That's how other's bad qualities help me.

Here I have seen a lot of our own people copy foreign life style - eating with spoon and fork, drinking wine, savoring beef and so on... Those were not part of our culture - I have seen people following them here and then giving good lip-service about the way things ought to be. Very big lectures. Upon coming very close to some - I have seen that these people themselves don't follow what they preach. They hide behind a facade.

I have seen others put on a accentuated tone in the way the speak over phone. It looks rather artificial. There are many who won't tell the truth. 

There are many who take money from you and won't return. I don't know why... but it's not that they forget... they simply would not utter a word if you don't remind them. And you feel embarrassed to ask for YOUR OWN MONEY back! I simply can't fathom the cause of such hypocrisy... they earn so much and why don't they return such a meager amount they owe someone.  

I can probably say this: it's not how fat your pay check is that will shape your character. Character comes from your lineage primarily and also to some extent from your own proactive endeavors to learn and know truth. Character is not easy and very few people have it.

If you are fake you won't have the energy to keep doing a good job for a long period of time. Fake people will soon run out of gas...  Their energy is spent in negative things - so they actually don't have enough motivation to pursue something good and constructive. Fake people will try to adapt the same fake policies while dealing with their spouses, kids and parents and ultimately they end up with fucked up lives. 

The honest and typically hindi coined word - SIDHA is a different category. You would have known a sarcastic remark every now and then from a friend - YE BAHUT SIDHA HAI. DIL KA BHOLA HAI! Beware guys! Being Sidha is a very good quality and the normal practice of looking down upon this quality is incorrect. So if you are SIDHA, feel proud and hold your head high. 

The sidha category knows that there is only one way to choose. the right way. People belonging to this club succeed and prosper in their career as well as personal lives. One who is honest, truthful and has a genuine eagerness to improve benefits from an unending flow of motivation. This is just like the principle of inertia - or the newton's 1st law of motion -which states that an object in motion continues to be in motion and an object in rest continues to be in rest unless and until forced by an external force to alter its state of rest or motion. If the path is friction-less - then the motion will not need any push. Truth and honesty creates this friction-less path enabling one to continue to repeat his good and hard work for long period of time. Because it doesn't create any resistance in his body or mind. As the hard effort empowers him to work even harder and keep maintaining the momentum. 

Fake will fall apart because of innumerable resistances but real will keep moving on a friction-less track. Fake can dazzle temporarily, while real might remain invisible initially but somehow will make a serious mark in the long run.

Birds of same feather flock together. That's why you will see fakes sit together to discuss, enjoy, have lunch, gossip and waste time. A fake can't come and sit with a real person. It's like oil and water which won't mix together. 

Real gels well with only real. And a real person will have less friends as fakes are many but good character is rare.


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