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Eyes folded blind and tongues unwind

Travelled places, saw people decent
And those rustic, untidy, unkempt
Urban and rural, far and near
Emerged one thing distinct and clear
All relish sniffing filthy dirty socks
Everyone busy digging others’ faults
It brings smiles on sadistic faces
On probing flaws in minute traces
In a gathering of a couple of heads
Poor victims pierced and torn to shreds
Strange society O'God you designed
Eyes folded blind and tongues unwind
Had half the energy been spent on self
One could prosper without help
Instead they dwell in other's mistake
critics and criticized - none escape
Cursing everyone – good or bad
A minute in silence drives them mad
A moment of goodness so bland and boring
Garrulous cranks' negative roaring
Ill minded people so abundant here
Vampires in mask displaying anger sheer
Tearing away into soft humble mind
Eyes folded blind and tongues unwind

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