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Eight tips for an impressive presentation

1. If you have scheduled for a presentation to a client or your own team, then you better come before time and prepare everything (internet connection etc), much before the scheduled time. In this way you will remain relaxed and calm.

2. Make the session interactive. Ask questions. Ask questions in a friendly way and encourage your listeners.

3. Don't worry if you feel a little jittery. Nervousness will always be there. It is just that the more sessions you take the better you get at it. Nervousness will slowly fade out.

4. Make a sincere effort to make your listeners interested. Ensure that they understand. If required repeat where necessary. Ask them if they have understood?

5. Connect to audience at an emotional level. Talk to them like a friend. Modulate your voice - sometimes be surprised, sometimes heave a sigh, sometimes get excited and sometimes pause and then start in a soft voice. This animated way of talking helps. Believe me. Your audience remains hooked in.

6. Oh yes, very important point. Add some animations in the Microsoft PowerPoint slides. Try to make these slides self-explanatory. Use images, colorful text boxes, arrows, call outs and so on. Make the slides interesting. Come on, who wants a sleeping audience. And the onus is on you to make them glued to your presentation.

7. You should be very familiar with the content of your presentation. Read, research, analyze and prepare hard. Don't take your audience for granted. Value their time and so prepare well so that your own confidence remains high and you can successfully answer their doubts. Oh, there is a catch! There is also a tendency that we feel we need to learn more, read more! But there is no limit! If you keep waiting like that then the time will never come when you can give your presentation. So take care of this trade off.

8. Last but not least, keep taking sessions whenever you can and always remember the first seven points.

Note: Few weeks back, I had given a presentation and it went quite well. I then sat for a while and thought about the key points one has to keep in mind to deliver an impressive presentation. These eight steps was a result of this thoughtful analysis.  

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