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Digital Painting: Head02

Finally I got the print of my digital painting - Head02 (read HEAD Version 2) from printo. It's the painting of a human head though captured in my own imagination and it is different. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find it like a human head. The printo-person who took all the specifications of the order asked me, "Sir what is this? I think this is a fish." I wondered, "How can it look like a fish...from which angle?" But didn't prolong the conversation and just answered him softly that it is a human head painting. He was pretty impressed with the color combination, if at all with any aspect of it.

The print couldn't be produced there in the shop. A 2' X 2' printing is large enough (according to what they said there) and it had to be sent to the printo lab. I chose a thick paper (1/2 inch thick) and two hooks at the back side to hang it on wall. It cost me Rs. 150 per sq feet. And the total cost came around Rs. 650. Fair enough. Not that expensive! The whole painting is finished with 650 Rs plus my effort. If I compare this with oil on canvas, no doubt, oil - linseed and turpentine, oil colors, canvas, brushes and the effort - all that would have been more expensive. I don't patronize digital over oil on canvas as both have their own caveats and charms. There is something very romantic about oil on canvas paintings and digital expressions are more plastic and modern. Digital prints don't require the care that oils on canvas demand. 

I am doing a series of head paintings. The first one was done with oil on canvas and this is the second one which of course is a digital print. When I saw the print, I was pretty satisfied. Printo has done a good job. It looked neat and attractive. Well the beholder is a better judge and here it goes... 

Today I am happy because I could break the shackles and clear away the bottleneck. A bottleneck of not producing any artwork for quite some time now. I want to devote whatever extra time I have to only painting and blogging. That is the plan for now.

I am all set for some more digital prints of the paintings I had developed using my iball digital pen. These digital images are already with me and I only need to take prints. Now a brief explanation of how I paint digitally...

A digital painting conceives on a piece of white paper - doodles, lines and curves trying to capture what my mind wants to project. Then I take a photo of this paper with the pencil sketch using my Samsung IXUS camera (8 mega pixel). Then I open up this JPEG image and develop it digitally, adding and removing colors, imparting different patterns, shades and effects one after another and finally stopping when I feel the painting matching with my expectation. It’s easy to do experiments in this digital method because something that doesn't seem to work can easily be obliterated by a simple (CTRL + Z) undo click.

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