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Dada is back with a bang!

It feels good when someone with his back on the walls comes back with a bang! Announcing his presence with authority and supreme power, Dada chipped away with another victory in the 2nd IPL clash of Pune Warriors. This is the same Sourav who was dumped in IPL4. Not that he was short of form... not that age had take its toll, but it was a strange mind set ubiquitous in the cricketing fraternity at that time that his prime time was over and he was not the same force any more. So while we saw so many cricketers whose names were not even known to the cricketing world, bought at mind boggling amount, dada was left out like a rotten vegetable in market… neglected, unnoticed and uncared for. Dada's fans were seriously hurt!

It's an irony however that some players enjoy the luxury of name and fame irrespective of current form and some players run out of all these in a very short period of time and quite mysteriously. The latter, like Amarnath, Laxman, Kumble, Srinath and Ganguly- to name a few, remain unsung heroes, forgotten, unnoticed and unrewarded. Biased opinions, cold attitude, blind support and hatred and ego play role in subtle proportions, directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously to shut the door for them who served the country for so long and who gave so many victories to India.

It's also little surprising that public memory is so short... while the same crowd had refrained from supporting a dada-less Kolkata team to some extent in IPL4, as a sign of disapproval and discontentment and they are the same crowd now who cheer all out for Kolkata team in this IPL. It hurt when Dada was not picked in spite of his good show in IPL-3. And this was aggravated even more when he was completely left un-auctioned!

Back to back win by Ganguly, at the onset of IPL-5 has definitely lifted the spirits of countless Ganguly fans. Today in the IPL Commentary panel, a jovial Navjot Singh Sidhu remarked, "Whenever his back was on the wall, Dada has always come up against all odds. Dada is a man of character and the whole nation looks upon him with faith." Then he again came back on the same topic after some time, “Dada has always been a team builder and he had built team India, lifting it up from a precarious condition and groomed youth icons of the stature of today's Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh." I have hardly seen any player (barring Boycott who had coined the famous 'Prince of Kolkata' ) speaking up so vociferously in favor of Sourav Ganguly. On the contrary I remember TV Channels, newspapers, critics and analysts blaspheming him on his failures and mistakes on countless occasions, while the eulogies remained few, mostly within his fanatic fans in his hometown! Dada's charisma always kept Kolkata frenzied! Eden Gardens, known for its frantic support and passionate crowd, always cheered every boundary Dada hit and went silent with broken hearts whenever he failed.

Well Dada still enjoys a massive fan following. And if he happens to lift the title of IPL-5 for Pune warriors this time, he will have proved that same point once again - "Even now The Bengal Tiger hasn't forgotten its roar and when it does roar, the whole world silently listens with awe." It's still miles to go... the first step has been taken though.

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