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Both Fortis and Apollo Hospitals stand side by side, majestically on the Banerghatta Road. They are competitiors, offering the same health care services and having more or less the same procedures, starting from registration for a new comer to admission in hospital rooms, ICU, emergency wards and so on. Having visited both these hospitals, I have found very less difference to choose one from the other. One of the differences that I noticed is the procedure in which customers are made to wait for their turn to visit their respective doctors.
While you wait for your turn to get into the Doctor's chamber in Fortis, you simply sit there biting nails, not knowing exactly when your turn will come. You sit there and then get up. You take a stroll anxiously and with some inhibitions ask the receptionist - "When will my turn come?" She looks back at you and nods her head which means - IT WON'T TAKE LONG. You go to your seat, and then concentrate hard to make sure that you don't miss when your name is called out loud. Oh! Such painful. Finally your name is called and you rush towards the Doctor's chamber.
In Apollo, there are two big screens hanging right infront of  the patients. These screens flash your Unique Identification Number (Unique no. given by Apollo at the time of registration by which the patients are identified). You look at this screen and when you see your number flashing bright against the doctor you want to visit, you rush to your doctor.
No rocket science. It is a simple way of making customer's life a little better. It is a small difference but very tangible. Sometimes these small tangible differences go a long way in enhancing business of one organization over another.

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