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Creativity and uniqueness

All has been said and done and we know so much! Most of the things are being retold, reiterated, rephrased and reworked. Only a miniscule, may be 0.0001 percent of our creations - paintings, blogs, designs etc. may be new or unique. Uniqueness has value of its own. An ordinary attempt to create a new/unique work, which never existed before is million folds better than an earnest endeavor creating a great but commonplace master piece. In the history of art we have seen this as a proof so many times.
Mark Rothko, Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh- to name a few, created their own marks in an attempt to create something new. For example when impressionism first came knocking at the door, it was Monet and others who had a hard time pushing the concept into the mind of the mass! Was it difficult? You bet! It was more than difficult – it was frustrating and horrendously painful. When the first exhibition of impressionism had taken place, it was ridiculed, laughed at, criticized, mocked at and discouraged. Very strongly. But things started rolling and people recognized this style of art soon. It immortalized some to the great impressionists at that time.
Sustaining one's own originality and uniqueness comes from a strong conviction that shouts - MY OWN WORKS ARE GOOD, WHY THE HELL SHOULD I COPY? This conviction keeps burning even when the world fails to see from the creator's perspective. Many a times a painter died a death of torture, poverty and anguish and his creations were applauded many years after his death. A classic example - Van Gogh. Few were as lucky as Picasso. Bottom line is "If I don't have a good esteem of my own works, how can I expect the world to appreciate?"
There is another angle to it. If you get exposed to other art works, you run the risk of copying them intentionally or unintentionally. It might happen when you are highly influenced by some artist. His style might creep into your veins. It's very important to guard against this. Enjoying and appreciating other's works as well as resisting the temptation of or refraining from copying their style comes from a solid character... a character that is constituted of honesty, truthfulness, courage and self-confidence. Getting influenced by someone's style and giving it a different direction and then taking it further beyond the boundaries set by the original artist is different though! We are not discussing that here.
Creativity is the act of creation. There is an element of ingenuity that comes ingrained with a piece of creation. To create means to make something bring in this world for others to see and experience. To copy means to simply act as an inanimate Xerox copier. Before impressionism, painters were simply inanimate cameras, without any mind or brain! The more realistic the artworks, the more they were cherished and the more the painters earned! Then someone brought the revolution.

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