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Creating the right impression the right way

That's the trickiest part...

Many people falter there. One needs to be intelligent beyond his personal motives and immediate gains. An intelligence that the most seemingly talented people seem to lack - and that is to create an impression: "Hard-work and labor is targeted towards the larger cause and collective benefit of everybody".

Do you know the most poisonous word in the English Dictionary? It is also the shortest one. It is the word 'I'. Just like some of the smallest snakes are the most deadly ones. Its better to avoid this word at any cost - it's detrimental to a healthy mind, body, soul, personal growth and prosperity. It is a great impediment to success. This word should only be used when one needs to accept a fault or acknowledge a mistake. 

First of all the goal should never be 'SUCCESS'. The goal should be to see happy faces around. The goal should be to create a positive environment in the surrounding and make people feel comfortable. The world is already a huge baggage of shit. There is already a lot of pain, sorrow, anger, frustration and jealousy.

Creating the right impression doesn't mean that you need to show off with your talent, facile communication skill, charismatic persona and even good attitude. It simply means that you are able to show others that you believe in giving credit to others and not interested in blowing your own trumpet.

In a silent corner when you do something good silently - it's not that it doesn't get noticed. It does get noticed - and it's only when people notice this contribution of yours without you advertising them - the impact is a thousand times stronger. And when you advertise and then people note - there is a dilution - people might applaud from the surface but within their heart they will not have a sweet impression. 


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