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Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Life is getting too hectic. There is an accute shortage of time. Weekends go in a flash. And weekdays pass a little slower but pas nonetheless. 

This weekend I had planned for some cleaning work that has been pending for some time now. No, no more staying awake till late night. No more indiscipline. I have to catch the bull by the horns and jump straight into action. No if's and but's.

Saturday got consumed in obligations. Attended a naming ceremony. Didn't have much time in hand at all. However managed to take father to an empty road for driving lessons. He surprises me with his enthusiasm to drive. I do believe age doesn't matter and will power and determination does. So I keep boosting his confidence and he is learning fast. Prior to the driving lessons I had also cleaned the aquarium, which was also dirty and murky like... I don't have words to explain. The fish finally got a chance to swim and play in clean water. Its a great pleasure to see the end result of effort. So saturday turned out not that bad. I did some cleaning work. 

Sunday I woke up late as usual and then the day was passing away so fast! No brakes no decceleration mechanism. At around mid noon, I went to bring my bike from service center. The bike has completed 37608 km and it is now 5 years 1 month old. The bike sparkled in the sun, spotless and atractive and this motivated me even more to clean the car. 

Post lunch, resisted that urge to have a nap and went rightaway to clean my car. There was a thick layer of dust covering it like a blanket and it pleaded for a bath. And I was vigorously at it, rubbing away the dirt and pouring water in between...until the mud and dirt gave way to a sparkling beauty. The car seemed smiling at me with a big THANKYOU. 

A lazy evening tea was followed by some motivational clippings from  youtube:   

I also wanted to clean the sofa. And get engaged in some more cleaning, but the day passes away so fast! Spent some time sitting and gossiping with family... the best way to spend your time!  The scorching heat of the approaching summer is not a very good time to vernture out. So the coming weekends as well, there are no plans of going on long drives. 

After the dinner, I cleaned my own dish. I will do this from now on. Doesn't matter if I give free salary to the maid. 

The house looks dirty and unorganized There are so many things to lay my hands on. Where to start and where to end? May be I can apply the pomodoro technique, i.e, clean for 25 minutes only and then take rest and then start with another 25 minutes of cleaning. I have to see if I can squeeze in one or two pomodoros of cleaning every day. That would be great! 

So, finally the weekend bids goodbye as I write this blog. Off to a new start tomorrow morning. No monday blues , as I am eagerly looking ahead for work.

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