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So finally the website went live on Monday morning! All defects and loopholes were plugged... It went live without any issue this time. All these days of effort - when we were running the load tests and trying to plug the weaknesses in the various configurations and code of the application finally proved to be paying off... The various components were able to withstand the traffic load even at peak time during the evening...

However I wasn't quite available to enjoy this small sweet successful event as I was battling lying on bed against the notorious Chicken pox...

May be a few days earlier I would have contracted the dreadful virus from Romir... because we are all living and breathing in the same room most of the time and this virus being highly contagious...mmm... my bad luck! Romir was lucky because he already had the vaccination from Fortis in Bangalore, which we later discovered of course!

5 days of battle continued between my immune and the virus and I was covered with these eruptions almost all over - including face. It was a difficult phase of 5 days - because since there are no medicines available to handle this disease - you have to simply lie down there and wait for it to subside naturally - but it doesn't go away so easily - There is this weird feeling of helplessness, body ache , fever and an awful appetite... so your immune needs strength to fight - but your sinking appetite doesn't allow you to take in anything...catch 22 type situation. the fever keeps coming and remains constant at 38.5 F , then I gulp a 500mg paracetamol, so feel a little better - which brings back my apetitie a bit - I have this small window where I can eat because I know again fever will appear and I wont be able to eat. So I gulp the steamed vegetables and a couple of fruits and again lie there in agony - when the fever returns and this cycle continues... needless to say - it feels like hell... I remembered the doc having told me that you keep yourself hydrated -- so I kept drinking water at regular intervals. During the second phase - on the third day may be the itching starts and the whole back, shoulders and other areas itch like crazy. This is the time you realize that the real suffering starts now with this crazy itching on top of it all.  Wednesday night it itched so badly the whole of night that I couldn't sleep and kept turning and twisting in agony and cursing in my mind as to why I didn't take the vaccination - or why no one told me..................about it!!!!!!!!

So Monday, Tue, Wed, Thu - were really nightmares and I somehow stood this days with a lot of pain. From Friday it started getting better and I no more required the paracetamol tabs anymore. My appetite was also now returning slowly back to normal state.

it's 8:55 PM sat late evening.... I still feel the itch on my skin. The suffering is no more present now but I don't know how to get rid of the dark patches and spots all over my body now. I can feel the fresh layer of skin now coming up and the old rotten skin of chicken pox marks beginning to fall apart. But it will take some time... I have to be patient.  Don't know how to go out and avoid getting noticed by others... if only I get the marks on the face fade away pretty soon.... I can get on with life in a normal way!

Bloody Chickenpox!

To all readers out there - particularly adults - if you never had chickenpox in your life and also if you haven't taken the chickenpox vaccination, please consult your doctor immediately and take the vaccination if he suggests so. I don't want anyone else to go through the same ordeal due to negligence, lack of knowledge or carelessness...

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