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Can't automate everything!

Off late the companies all over are trying to automate everything... every process, the way feedback is gathered, solutions are provided etc. But automation has its cons. It lacks the human element. When I call a bank customer care number and it keeps asking for options... 1 for this, 2 for that, 3 for something else and so on... i feel irritated. I want to talk to a real person and don’t want to keep listening to boring recorded instructions.

But the bank guys don't bother... but in reality the customers are harassed. That is the point I want to make... the downside of automation.

Recently I talked with another customer care representative and she was awful. She didn't have any knowledge on the products of her organization and she seemed superfluous to her company just as an elephant's teeth to its chewing. Now to rectify such flaws the organizations need to gather feedback and act accordingly. So I got an 'sms' immediately to rate the customer care representative with a 'yes' or a 'no'. (Yes meaning good job by customer care and no meaning bad.)

I was about to rate NO, when I felt that it would be cruel on my part. After all the questions I had asked weren't easy and who knows... maybe she was a newbie and someone who had got a job after a long struggle... I don't know the complete picture right? So I refrained from rating her. Another case of a failure of an automation process! If someone had called me instead I could have explained the real thing... which might have saved her from strong punitive actions and also enabled adoption of appropriate remedial measures for rendering a better customer service. 

Automated signals on the roads are a cliche.  It is so irritating to see when one way full of traffic remains blocked for a long time while another way without any traffic remains open with bright green signal. A manual operator could easily intervene and correct this flaw.

Automation is a flop in many other spheres in our lives. For example automatic transmission cars are costly, have bad fuel efficiency and also have high maintenance cost.

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