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Bye bye 2014... Welcoming 2015... New Year, New Resolutions

Just like previous year... I am writing a review for this year as well. Previous year's review can be found HERE. The review of 2014 is also being accompanied with goals for 2015 which I would like to share with all. I have decided to quantify these goals - and don't know how i will achieve them, but I am just giving this a try. It's just an experiment. If it works well, I would bring in some more goals for 2016 - but that's a bit far in the time line. 

  1. AT WORK - 2014 has been pretty satisfying as per as my work was concerned. I am satisfied personally from the feedback that I have received. However I feel there is some space for further improvements. What special can i bring to the table at work? With each passing year, the drive to read technical books and honing computer language skills is taking a  downward curve. I can only think of devoting one hour each working day on some kind of innovation or learning something new. I have only worked on AEM Administration last year and most of my time was consumed in getting the immediate work at hand completed, in other words - in attending the urgent assignments. As a result not much time could be devoted to innovation.
  2. PAINTING - Now an update on my paintings. Not very encouraging... as i have struggled to find motivation and drive. However I have managed to complete a satisfying series of Romir playing with his toy vehicles. The series is here - Apart from this series I did 4 additions to the ongoing series of head paintings. These 4 head paintings can be found here: (a) Head13; (b)Head14; (c)Head18 (d) Head17. I would definitely like to start oil painting next year and complete a few good paintings. I would like to have atleast 6 oil paintings for next year. In addition to this - 60 sketches and drawings.
  3. BLOGGING - 84 Blogs this year including this one. This comes to almost 7 blogs a month. Or every 4 day i have blogged on an average in 2014. Quite satisfying. I have already revealed last year that I don't intend to blog aggressively like one blog for each day. So considering that my blogging has been quite in accordance with my goal. Next year I would like to stretch a bit more and have 100 blogs.
  4. EXERCISE - I don't have much to write here. This has been a poor year for me as far as exercise, sports and running is concerned. Though last couple of months i had got into the habit of completing 3 set of push-ups daily in the evening. However I fell sick soon after and had to break the routine. It's important to not break the chain of habit. For the coming year - I have a very tiny goal - complete 3 set of push-ups daily in evening. Let's see if i can achieve this goal!
  5. BRUSH TEETH BEFORE BED - This might sound something rather silly!!!! Brushing twice is useful - once in morning and once in the night. I have always brushed once in my life. But this year I am going to brush before hitting the bed as well.
  6. GETTING UP EARLY IN THE MORNING - I haven't quite achieved this good habit as of now though last year while writing the year end review i had mentioned about taking this up in 2014. I have failed miserably and so carrying it forward to 2015. Not only will I be able to reach work early but also come back home early, if i form this habit. I would need all your good wishes as I cringe to even think of putting up one more year with same result.
  7. TRAVEL - Seeing new places and exploring new people, behavior, ideas, landscapes etc should continue. Exploring and experiencing should go on in life just like work and recreation. This year we traveled a lot and were lucky enough to visit a few new countries  - Germany, Switzerland and France. Of course this is heavily dependent on the course my work takes me - whether that would give me an opportunity to travel, but, hey... that's irrelevant to the concept of GOALS I am setting for myself. One of the ideas behind goals is simply repeating your goals with affirmation and surrendering the how's and why's to the higher intelligence within and outside. So may I keep the number of coutries to be visited for next year at 5.


So I plunge into the new year - 2015 ahead with all my visitors' good wishes and these tiny goals that i aim to achieve - 

  • Each day 1 hour of innovation at work
  • 6 oil paintings, 60 sketches and drawings
  • 100 blogs
  • 3 sets of push-ups daily
  • brush teeth every night
  • Get up before 8 AM everyday.
  • Travel 5 countries

These are the goals that i thought i could afford to share with all. However there are financial goals and few personal goals that I would rather write in my personal diary. 

I wish all a very happy and pleasant year. May God hear your prayers and may you achieve peace, happiness and fulfillment. 


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