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Breakdown of Team work

Think about the process of eating. The feet go and buy vegetables and rice from the market. The hands cook. The hands also put the food in the mouth, the mouth chews and enjoys the taste and finally the stomach digests it.

One day the hands and feet discuss among themselves – “We have been doing all the hard work and the mouth and stomach are simply enjoying. We will stop working”.

The next day, vegetables are not bought, food is not cooked, the mouth salivates but doesn’t get anything and the stomach remains empty. Everyone suffers.
Such a situation is called the breakdown of teamwork. There can be only one leader in a team. If all the members in the team behave like leaders, then the team ceases to be productive. Each member has to discharge his own duty and allow the leader to impart the necessary guidance.

If we extrapolate this same line of thought to the way an organization functions, then we find that it is equally valid. Same with the way a family, a nation and even the whole universe functions.

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