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Bingham is the best!

The world snooker championships just ended at the crucible and the 2-day-final was a treat to watch. This has been Snooker at its very best. Bingham won it in a most dramatic final that the crucible has ever witnessed . Even the Snooker pundits had no hesitation admitting this as one of the very best they had seen in a long time. The slug fest between the heavy weights went on for a long time, and it was not the case where one broke down in the midway giving way to a rout. 
During the initial frames at the start of the match, Shaun Murphy was at his silky best... and his perfect cue movements, tactical play and positioning just at the right areas were coming off flawlessly. Bingham seemed helpless as a rabbit caught in the headlights; however he showed tremendous tenacity to just hang in there. So at the end of the 1st day's play he was only lagging by one frame with half of the game yet to be played. The break after this would have given him the baldly needed rest he needed after the emotional upheaval of playing his first ever grand final at the Crucible, and also the chance to regroup his thoughts for the remaining match. 

So the next day Bingham looked relaxed, rested and comfortable. A new day, a new beginning and shrugging off the 'ifs' and 'buts' of the initial frames, he went ahead with his job with the right frame of mind. His beaming smile was reassuring and he proceeded with breathtaking shots with consistent accuracy. This third session was the turning point of the match where at one point he won 4 back to back frames. There was no looking back after that - and Shaun Murphy was playing catching game from this time on wards.

It all went to a nail biting finish as the pendulum swung one side to the other and the audience held it's nerves at the edge of seat. At one point the scores were 15 - 15. The 31st Frame overshot the one hour mark... and the frame following that continued for 40 minutes or so...

Finally one player had to lose. And sadly, it was Murphy... It was an emphatic victory for Bingham, very rightly deserved!

Bingham stood out, in his ability to maintain composure in the ugliest pressurized situations. He maintained that innocent smile across his face every now and then and that sometimes can send a chilling message in the psyche of the opponent. Bingham's composure was also evident in the way he didn't rush through his shots. His shots came after careful observation and analysis each time. His body language radiated personal belief, confidence and supreme control over the whole situation.

It took him twenty long years to win the World Championships. Sometimes Success takes a bit longer - but one just should never stop believing in attaining the ultimate glory. As one keeps working hard and keeps aiming at the goal consistently and tirelessly, he is bound to reach the finishing line. Bingham just proved that!

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