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Bike Review: Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc

If you are reading this u must be interested in bikes, or planning to buy one. I am writing this review after using pulsar 150 cc for 1 year 8 months. I own the new pulsar 150 cc with digital tachometer and sharp tail, bought it on 9th Feb 2007.

I have read many reviews which say bajaj pulsar is not a good bike. But I personally have never found it to be a bad one. The bike is very close to my heart.

Plus points of the bike-
1. It has good acceleration. It has a growl while acceleratiing as if declaring with full authority to fellow vehicles to make way for it, as it is in no mood to follow others.
2. It has tremendous grip on the road. I have in more than one occasion, found myslef suddenly in muddy and slippery road and my heart had come out from anxiety, but the bike never ever felt like skidding or losing balance.
3. The new pulsar is smoother, I believe though I havn't tried the older one. I cant think of riding another bike because I have become so much addicted to the pulsar. The engine sound feels good and you feel the power getting generated from within the beast as you cruise along the roads. Kind of a good feeling but difficult to explain.
4. Gear shift is not a problem at all, as many people say.
5. Sitting posture might not be very comfortable but its really safe.
6. Long ride is a pleasure on this bike. Because the bike will never land you into situations where it will not start or any other problem. Its very reliable. So if you take it for long distance ride, you remain assured that it won't put you in trouble.
7. It has tremendous balance. The bike feels like as if its a 4 wheeler and doesnt need to be balanced like a 2 wheeler.
8. Good loud horn, alarms others strongly and you find people making way for you.

Negative points of the bike-
1. I hate the way the indicators function. Sometimes when you dont need the indicators to get turned off they will get turned off and you will have to again start it. Sometimes even after taking a turn it will not get cancelled.
2. The digital tachometer doesn't show the neutral consistently. Sometimes it will show the bike is in neutral and when u will start it u will realize it was in gear.
3. The digital tachometer shows the amount of fuel in the tank horribly. Many times when the tank is full, it shows the tank to be almost empty.
4. Beyond 70-80 km/hour I think the bike is a little uncomfortable. But this doesn't mean it wont reach higher speed limits. It can easily touch 100 km /hour, which I have crossed only once in my life. I am very apprehensive of taking the bike to such limits, mainly because of the roads in bangalore.

Also it's very important to take care of your bike-Take proper care of your pulsar.
1. I change engine oil every 1000 km. Because I believe the engine remains smooth with this. And also the extra money I pay because of this is made up, somewhat, on fuel efficiency because more lubrication means more mileage.
2. Insist on changing the curburettor every 10000 km.
3. Take to the service centre on time. Insist on washing your chain and lubricating it every time you service it.
4. Clean it everyday before taking it out with a moist cotton cloth. Polish it once a month.
5. Dont accelerate immediately after you start it in the morning. Give it some time to warm up.
6. Its better not to accelerate it much. Make it feel comfortable by increasing the acceleration gradually.

Last but not least- 
1. Keep in mind- Speed thrills but it also kills.
2. Respect the traffic police. They do a real tough job by standing amidst the dirty smoke we throw each day into the air and underneath the scorching sun in summers, the unfriendly rain in rainy seasons and in the unbearable cold in the winters.
3. Keep all documents safe.
4. Don't run the vehilcle at high speed in rain.
5. Keep some distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Today is 29/Aug/2009... I have completed 25000 km on this bike.So the bike is now 2years 6 months old and has covered 25k kms. Have to say it has got better with time. The speed and acceleration is superb. A big thumbs up from my side. Will again add on to this when my bike touches 50000 km. I presume it will be 5 years old then.....

On, 27.sep.2010, completed 3year 7 months with my pulsar. comleted 31010 km. bike is still good. It comes to a usage of 721 kms per month. i use car when absolutely forced to, because bike is beautiful in bangalore traffic. no complaints. gave for servicing. changed the 10k km kit. will again change it when bike becomes 40k km old. will update once again.  

At 33733 km, on 4th march 2011,  went for next servicing. Had to change battery. total cost was 4000 rs. complained why mileage coming only 40 km per litre at popular bajaj banerghatta. thankfully after servicing mileage coming 55km per litre. 

Update on 26.Sep.2011: Odometer reading: 36193 km. I took the bile to popular bajaj for servicing. They were charging a lot (close to 3k bucks); they said engine decarbonization was required, as black smoke was coming. I took the bike to Amba bajaj. They said black smoke is not a problem, however I might need to give it for engine work after another 3000-5000 km which will also cost 8000 rs approx. I am little confused. I feel the bike is ok and going good. Sometimes I feel service personnel in these dealer showrooms look for making money by claiming out of proportion problems. Actually I am a little confused and would like to show the bike to an expert and honest person/service center. But who ? That's the million dollar question? I hope Bajaj Automobiles is listening.

Update on 9.Feb.2012: My bike completes 5 years.

Update on 31.Mar.2012: Odometer reading: 37608 km. The black smoke problem that had been mentioned in the earlier servicing couldn't be ignored anymore. The Amba Bajaj mechanic reported of a loss of engine oil level and attributed this to the weakening of the engine oil bore and suggested to re-bore it. The servicing was completed and the total bill amount was Rs. 6462. The bike felt good and the black smoke was no more coming. Mileage was found to be almost 50 km per litre when driven at an optimum speed. I was told to return for another free servicing (mainly engine oil change) after 500 km.

update on 29.nov.2012: Odometer reading - 39523 km. Paid service done. Back shock absorbers replaced...cost was 755. 10 k kit was also replaced. total expense of paid service - Rs. 3790.

Update on Feb.2013 - Silencer was replaced. It came around 2200 Rs. Didn't throw the old silencer... I sold it @Rs.150

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