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Beautiful game football

As the world cup has taken a hiatus... feels like lull before the storm.

Storm to rise tomorrow (today by the hands of clock, for it's late night and I am stupidly typing abstract thoughts)... between the host Brazil and Germany. Clash of Titans. Can't wait to witness. I have a feeling that Germany will win. Just a hunch - considering Neymar's absence. No, no, no... Brazil is full of talent - but i think they are morally a bit down and Germany will be simply too hot to handle. I may be wrong, I am not the Oracle. 

But, no, really, what a beautiful game football is? Now when there is no football in evening, it seems like the world has gone silent, like the wind has lost its fragrance and life it's charm. Also the very thought - that after another 2 semi finals and 1 final, it will be all over, brings sadness unimaginable. 

Again, what a beautiful game football is - and in-front of it's glory - the Wimbledon Final seemed lackluster.  I tried - but couldn't see with the same interest as I would see in the absence of  the FIFA WC. I am just to much absorbed in Football and all the other sports shouldn't be held now - that's how I think. Football is the king of all sports - and none can stand in front of it. 

I mean in which other sport you see simultaneous engagement of so many players - so much action and such beauty to watch. You might be tempted to give an example of hockey. But I find hockey not as beautiful as Football. Same with Volley Ball or Basket ball - not so good to watch.

What, did you say cricket? Come on! How can you compare. Cricket is so dull and uninspiring. 

Rugby requires team effort - but looks ugly. Groups of people fighting - too physical and too strenuous to watch.

Individual games are not so entertaining - like tennis, swimming, billiards etc. I mean there is no comparision.

Football is such a beautiful game to watch.

Isn't it?

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