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Background color of blog

Finally changing the background back to white. For a couple of days the background was black. And I sensed my eyes were getting strained somewhat. It's okay if the duration of reading is less. But if you keep reading white or some light colored texts against black background, your eyes will surely ache.

Having said that I do acknowledge it is best to display your images and paintings in a complete black background! It creates a mesmerizing effect. The images do stand out! Strikingly! Just close your eyes and visualize a beautiful moon surrounded by twinkling stars on an infinite black sky…

Beautiful isn't it?

So had this website been only for displaying my paintings I might have opted for that. But for me readability of blog posts is more important and therefore the trade-off...

Also we have grown up with school text books, short story books, novels, magazines, comics and almost all of these have black texts on white background.  Our eyes are accustomed to this convention. So why disturb the natural rythm? Then  I searched this in google and came up with the following findings:

I started visiting some of the welknown blog posts:

... and found, to my dismay, that all these blogs are dark texts on white or light background. I coulnd't find a famous blog with white texts on dark background!  So I decided to part with black background and follow the herd...

For those who don’t want to have anything to do with how we bloggers paint our picture of creativity, do avail the services of google reader. It is free! It will not only keep all the blogs you follow in one place but also negate all website styles, colors, fonts, formats etc. It will present the naked blogs on a simple plate for you to savor!


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