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Avoiding mistakes, avoiding pain

I had to perform a task I wasn't sure of. There was no time. I had to perform then and there. Are you nervous? I was asked...

I replied with confidence - I always am.

The reply I got - 'Yeah that's good ... that means you are more alert.'

I couldn't agree more with the response. True because being nervous before performing any task means we are that much extra bit cautious. In Bengali the adage is SABDHANER MAR NEI. In English, look before you leap. I have always maintained that avoiding mistake is the real trick. Avoiding mistake means avoiding pain. It is very easy to perform a task, but thinking about repercussions, direct and indirect, up to not one level but 2, 3 levels is very important.

Play safe, but don't be over defensive or don't be over nervous. A balance between too much of confidence and too much of nervousness is required. An optimum level which releases the maximum output. A mechanism which is effective.

From past experience I have seen, there is no certainty about something that will be right. Things might go wrong - in an operation the doctor conducts, in an event a sportsman participates, in an exam the student writes, more often than not, things turn out opposite to what is expected.

Then starts the act of minimizing the damage, checking the blood flow. But it's always better not to reach this stage.

And an experienced person knows that before hand and so takes all possible precautions so that he doesn't land in a bad situation. That is what experience teaches. And while I am standing and thinking of possible ways in which things can go wrong - don't commit the mistake of thinking I am nervous or panicking.

Rather rest assured  because the task is in the hands of a worthy person.

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