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AEM, dispatcher, apache - Fundamental Questions and Answers - 4

All the AEM JVM Parameters that one can possibly think of - to tune your jvm in AEM Author/Publisher. This can be injected in the start parameter that comes with AEM installation (5.6.1 or below). These need to be tested properly and then set...

  1. CQ_JVM_OPTS="${CQ_JVM_OPTS} -XX:NewRatio=n" (normally can be set to 1 - this alters the old generation space, new generation space. A value of 2 means old generation space is twice than new)
  2. CQ_JVM_OPTS="${CQ_JVM_OPTS} -XX:+UseParallelGC"
  3. CQ_JVM_OPTS="${CQ_JVM_OPTS} -XX:+UseParallelOldGC"
  4. CQ_JVM_OPTS="${CQ_JVM_OPTS} -XX:ParallelGCThreads=n" (should be set equal to number of cores per server)
  5. CQ_JVM_OPTS="${CQ_JVM_OPTS} -Xmsng" (ng means n gigabytes - can be kept 1g normally - subjected to load tests and jvm usage reports)
  6. CQ_JVM_OPTS="${CQ_JVM_OPTS} -Xmxpg" (pg means p gigabytes - as a thumb rule it's better to keep p=n)
  7. CQ_JVM_OPTS="${CQ_JVM_OPTS} -XX:PermSize=xyzM" (normally 256M/512M, again subjected to jvm usage report)
  8. CQ_JVM_OPTS="${CQ_JVM_OPTS} -XX:MaxPermSize=pqrM" (max perm size: normally pqr should be equal to xyz as a thumb rule)


AEM can be started as a service and below link gives detail about that -

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