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AEM 6.1 Tips and Tricks


  1. to enable online compaction -

    #put this in the file above"org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.segment.SegmentNodeStoreService"

  2. in aem 5.6.1 to check if tar optimization (for example the default one which runs from 02 am to 05 am ) is running or not - check this: grep tar error.log |grep optim |grep Schedu
  3. coming to vi command - as you would all know the meaning of dd - which is to delete a line... and x - which is to delete a character... have you ever thought about as to how to delete a group of characters till a particular character Well the answer is: dt<that_character>.... so it can be like dt<space> if you want to delete till the next space character.
    give it a try and i am pretty sure you will like it... as they say there is no end to learning...
  4. Author login problems   [log message - handleLoginFailure: Unable to authenticate anonymous user]
    - try doing this: in system console configMgr search for : author sling authentication service - and then update the anonymous user with correct admin user and password... this may solve the issue
  5. Mapping - note that mapping run modes are always picked from start script run mode parameters... however even then sometimes you may have problems...jcrresolver might not show the correct mapping info - that means the mapping is not picked up from right place - having issue with mapping?
    here /system/console/configMgr check for - apache sling resource resolver factory
  6. how to configure ldap log -
    these are the steps - create a new logger at apache logging with below config - 
    1. Log level: Debug Log File logs/ldap.log
    2. Message Pattern: {0,date,dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS} *{4}* [{2}] {3} {5}
    3. Logger:

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