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How to migrate users, groups and permissions from one cq5 application to another cq5 application

1st we have to create a package for /home/users and /home/groups


2nd package creation is explained below.


Suppose cq5 application at source from where you need to copy users, groups and permissions is A (cq5.4).

Cq5 application at destination where copy of ACL has to be done is B.


  1. If source application is cq5.3/cq5.4 this package has to be uploaded and installed at A. If source application is cq5.5, this package has to be installed at A.
  2. go to <host>:<port>/apps/tools/components/createPackage/run.html
  3. Give your Xpath in xpath value -  //element(*,rep:ACL)
  4. ACL Behaviour – select overwrite
  5. Give a name to package – say ‘migrateACL’
  6. Click on Create config package
  7. Now Download this  package and also be saved under /etc/packages/CQSupportTool
  8. Upload the package at ‘B’
  9. Install the package at ‘B’


All the ACL Permissions will be migrated from A to B.


We need these 1st and 2nd packages to migrate all users, groups and permissions.

Note: I got this information from the below link. Please read the below link for more information -

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