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A visit to Cobra Museum in Amstelveen


The last painting in the year 2013 - Started with the sketch as shown below - In this pai…

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This is 11th head in the series of my ongoing head paintings...

The idea developed with …

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Head9 (Rising from the bottom)


1st Acrylic Painting...

9th Head Painting in the Head Series.

It started with a sketch …

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Van Gogh Museum

Lazy morning tea... a quick hair cut and off we were set for saturday trip to Amsterdam. …

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This is my first painting in the year 2013. I had been at it for quite sometime now. 


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My solo painting exhibition - Psychedelia

PSYCHEDELIA - A solo painting exhibition by Dipesh Majumdar
From 22 to 28 October' 2012, 1…

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Sixth Head in the 'Head Series' started with a rough sketch as shown below:

After fillin…

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An evening with Gieve Patel at NGMA Bengaluru

Gieve Patels lecture in NGMA BengaluruWe were late by almost 30-45 minutes... when we reached the auditorium at NGMA Bengaluru,…

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Ramkinkar's Artworks in NGMA Bengaluru

An evening well spent in the national Gallery of Modern Art! So many paintings and sculpt…

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Influence of wealth on aspiring artists

I saw two contracdictory columns - one in the first page and the other in the last page o…

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My oil painting: Contemplation


It all started with a rough sketch on a paper. I took a photo of this sketch as …

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Magical music

Who doesn't know Mia Tansen? He was the famous singer in Emperor Akbar's court. He had su…

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Artist's profession

Being an artist and relying on your artworks for a living is foolishness and suicidal.


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Unveiling the hidden guitarist!

I did this mistake again… judged someone on the basis of his proficiency in one field. Bh…

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Creativity and uniqueness

All has been said and done and we know so much! Most of the things are being retold, reit…

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Digital Painting: Head02

Finally I got the print of my digital painting - Head02 (read HEAD Version 2) from printo…

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Why this kolaveri kolaveri di?

Today I got up from bed late, to a tune I didn't know why I was crooning?

Why this Kola…

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