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A blank canvas can fill an empty life

That's what I learnt today.

I bought a blank canvas and it gave me so much joy. My life was empty - it seemed to have got filled with satisfaction - just the blank canvas was enough to fill it with a sense of fulfillment - when the process of painting unfolds into different layers of expression, it's sure to give a lot more pleasure.

In the next few days i am going to channel all my energy onto this cotton surface.

Finally something to look forward to... as i am sitting here still trying to find out the plan that is going to emerge from within - i can't help but feel a tremendous sense of relief - the relief of having the white canvas close by me...  

I have somehow managed to give it a chance again - the chance to ignite the candle of life... creativity and meditation - one more time before it extinguishes into a whiff of subtle white smoke. 

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