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The eye that never blinks


I have lost count of the abstract head paintings and now I generate a 8 character random …

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They say - it’s a beautiful world... I say - its a TRAP

I remember...

A shocking truth - 3

A shocking truth - 2

When my conscience looks back at me - 2

painted on Apple iPad pro

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Painted on Apple iPad Pro


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Fantasy lake

Centaur head

Painted in Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)....

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A shocking truth

one more head painting

Somehow managed to squeeze in this painting before 2017 ended on ipad pro 12.9


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Clustered Faces - 5


Fascination with head paintings continue...

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Floating on the river of hope

Now this image was haunting my mind for quite sometime - an abstract face - many aspects …

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A blank canvas can fill an empty life

That's what I learnt today.

I bought a blank canvas and it gave me so much joy. My lif…

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Childhood fantasy with toy vehicles


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14th Head Painting in the head series

It started with a sketch...


Background Black was added and a little 3-d effect was ren…

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