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How to make a boring job interesting

One day my friend asked me - why do you get pleasure when you sketch or paint? I strugg…

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Saturday Sketch 11 - Ruins of Heidelberg Castle

Ruins of Heidelberg Castle


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The silence of Lake Titisee

The silence of Titisee Lake

Standing on the bank, I fix my gaze at you
I feel a silence that's so deep


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Ode to the Rhine Falls

When the ground beneath had disappeared
you could have complained and stopped

You chose…

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Driving through Black Forest

1st day (Uithoorn -> Mannheim )

This time we set out to explore black forest in a car. W…

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The heartbeat...

It's 9:20 PM and I just realized that I had forgotten my 2 sets of push-ups in evening. I…

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How fleeting life can be!

He had a sound technical knowledge.

He was well behaved, gentle, polite and a pleasant p…

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Netherlands - Day531

It is 531 days Or 1 year, 5 months, 13 days.

It's been long time now here in Netherla…

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Silent Affirmation

I could hear the silence after storm
that penetrated inside so strong

Questions which rip…

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