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Repentance of a responsive conscience

Restless me stood there by the window
sun was ablaze, the atmosphere mellow

Remember bei…

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Run a script in crontab

Why not?

Why the hell bother to do something manually - particularly some periodic tas…

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How to have OR in condition in an IF statement of a shell script

Showing below the if statement to illustrate this. The condition shown is just an example…

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How to get the absolute value of a number in shell script

Suppose you have a number A which is -10 but you need to work with the absolute value of …

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Saturday Sketch 10 - Head17

Using awk to manage string output

====Part 1=====

For example you have a file like this -> awk_example1.txt


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Trip to Paris

Day 1 (8.Aug.2014). 


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