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Use a cushion, avoid the scars

An odd member in a whatsapp group suddenly started typing weird sentences... loathful, sa…

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In this virtual world, TIME that we kill is real

Today we see everyone digging into their smartphones, laugingh, smiling and reacting to p…

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I was coming home after meeting one of my cousin brothers. 

So long as I didn't know th…

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Will you take all your money to your grave?

No I won't, because that won't be needed.

I have heard this quite often - what use is …

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Starting today I have decided to start a blog for vocabulary. It will be like vocabulary1…

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How to get url of image from Facebook Image

It's little tricky.

A few days ago i managed to do this but today when i tried once more…

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Saturday Sketch 13 - Childhood Fantasy with Toy Vehicles - 2

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