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Saturday Sketch 2 - Pain and Piano

CQ5 Disk usage Report

Luckily the application provides a beautiful report for cq5 (5.6.1)


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Scheveningen Beach

This was our 2nd sea-beach outing in Netherlands. 1st was Zandvoort. Location of this bea…

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Saturday Sketch 1 - Three Men in Amstelveen

I have decided to start a new category 'Saturday Sketch' from today. This is the first po…

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How to know if dispatcher is configured correctly in apache with adobe cq5

When the dispatcher logs shown as below comes - 


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How to create symbolic links in windows

From command prompt - 

suppose in location -  "C:\webdev\apache\modules" you have a fil…

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The stickiness of a good art work

The stickiness of a good creative work - keeps me look at the work again and again. When …

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Head9 (Rising from the bottom)

Never enter a 'WAR'

I don't remember when I watched Nicolas Cage act with such grace and aplomb - with such s…

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Superb... Extraoridinary... Inspiring....

These are the typica…

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