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Netherlands - Day5

It is windy and cold in Netherlands now. Temperature is zero degree C, and you can't get …

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That which illuminates from within needs no external light

I took the below photo with flash...

then without flash...


As I compared them sid…

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Netherlands - Day1

8:31 pm now in Netherlands.
It is already 1'O clock (AM) night in India.
So my first day i…

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I am fragile

Fragile I am and weak is my mind
Handle with care O mighty unkind
In the lap of your tr…

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I'm gonna have a great day today

Friday problems marinated on weekend creating a mess...
I hung on...Monday was fresh…

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Car review - Indica Vista Quadrajet

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Snapshots from Mumbai

Romir's first flight. A little scared. A little confused.

Inside The Oriental Residenc…

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