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Avoiding mistakes, avoiding pain

I had to perform a task I wasn't sure of. There was no time. I had to perform then and th…

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My blog is my restless mind

There has to be a flow in your painting - that flow will be visible and it will create an…

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I don't want to be disturbed

I like to stay alone and think about things. Crazy things, brilliant ideas. I like to scr…

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What is trust?

Trust is that element of a person's aspect which is unconditional and which is bestowed…

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Remembering my life, childhood, parents' sacrifice and contribution...

My FatherEvery parent aspires for his kid to be the best in competition. Every father wants to see…

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Note to my readers

So, how am I leading my life?

Good, great, fabulous... you name it.

Experience, rich an…

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What are the steps to migrate docroot from one location to another

Overall changes needed in these files  –


httpd.conf ### mapping change from <old …

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Aim for the moon

In life perfect happiness remains a fallacy. And so are goals. Goals are never met. Goals…

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