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Naturally biased

A friend came running at me with a gleaming smile on his face. He exclaimed, "Did you see…

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Database Link


Let us first try to understand what database link means.

Supposing we…

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The dictionary meaning of synonym is - a word having the same or nearly the …

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Blogs on Oracle Database, Linux etc

Listing some useful blogs on Oracle Database. I will keep updating this from time to time…

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Terminating the instance due to error 472

It was little puzzling. 

Whenever I was starting the database, the database would sta…

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Try, try, try again...

Try try try again until you succeed. That's precisely what we witnessed in a rather one-s…

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The Doers and the Escapists

In my childhood I had read a story.

It went something like this - In the very old da…

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Magical move by Ronaldo

28th minute in the Netherland - Portugal match of the Euro-Cup 2012 and I just witnessed …

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Inside Narayana Hrudalaya

Most of the day today was spent in hospital. I got into MICU of Narayana Hrudalaya, check…

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What to do in a medical emergency?

This is again a valuable lesson learnt the hard way.

I took my patient to Fortis earl…

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Reward the efficient interviewer

In the core of success of an organization lies the process of recruitment... the way inte…

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Ruthless Nadal clinches French Open 2012

Nadal's greatest asset is his body language. The way he jumps on the ground prior to the …

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Some more blogging tips

Why some more blogging tips... why not simply BLOGGING TIPS?

Because there are already so…

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