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The golden kick

It's a trivial incident that I remember from childhood. I was small then but big enough t…

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Never ever underestimate yourself

I was watching this guy playing table tennis… I have always seen him playing such beautif…

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Snake on the road

Early rain in Bangalore brings with it good news in many ways. Mercury has come down by a…

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Perseverance pays off

Finally my perseverance pays off. The amount from old epf account was finally transferred…

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Living in the costliest city of India

Cost of living in India is highest in Bangalore! While the city is full of opportunities,…

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Hyena's hunting strartegy

Tonight I watched a pretty interesting style of hunting by hyenas in National Geographic …

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Valiant Chelsea reaches final with 10 men

The unpredictable human mind! Just saw Terry kicking an opponent with his knee in this me…

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Even death can't set them free

Just imagine... a man sleeping untouched and peacefully inside his tiny burial space is s…

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My oil painting: Contemplation


It all started with a rough sketch on a paper. I took a photo of this sketch as …

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Magical music

Who doesn't know Mia Tansen? He was the famous singer in Emperor Akbar's court. He had su…

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Artist's profession

Being an artist and relying on your artworks for a living is foolishness and suicidal.


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Bringing back the lost charm

Doing something I enjoy comes naturally to me. So chances of me excelling in that particu…

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Renovation of Ranganathittu

Today I read in the newspaper that Ranganathittu is all set for a face-lift. There are p…

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Prerequisites of preparation

So you are all set to prepare and practice to hone your skills in a particular area? And …

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Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Clear sky… sunny day… we finally hit the road today. We have been planning for Ranganathi…

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The importance of preparation

Preparing for a certain event- an examination, a championship, a grand slam final, Olympi…

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Willful Ignorance

We go through a lot of uncertainties. There is always the chance of an odd meteor hitting…

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Earthquake in Bangalore today

Felt mild tremors today in afternoon. The exact location :- Kodcihikanahalli, Bangalore.I…

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Transfer of EPF


Transferring EPF is necessary when you are switching companies. The EPF a…

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Eight tips for an impressive presentation

1. If you have scheduled for a presentation to a client or your own team, then you better…

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