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August 24, 2016

Do you really want to know if something is running on a port?

Use this - 

netstat -an | grep 80 | grep LISTEN
tcp        0      0 :::80                       :::*                        LISTEN





Count your blessings

July 15, 2016

It's been quite a few days having written something in this space so thought of penning a few words...

I was actually so happy as I logged into this blog portal and found 1 comment - quickly approved the comment and went back to the site

As my website appeared I scrolled down to find the comment - excitement turned into disappointment.

Someone had injected a spam message with his/her website link to increase traffic... Bad hidden agenda... the same comment i had received 3 or 4 times... i mean same... it's so blatantly screaming I AM A SPAMMER!!!! 

Comments have dried down these days - not much people are reading the blog - people have nothing to say it seems... this space is getting boring with the passage of time. The advertisements are also not generating much revenue! But that's okay. I am not bothered much, honestly! 

I have learnt that's its better to brush off disappointments and get on with life.

It's not good to lose one's sleep over things that turn bad or out of control - it only harms us. it's better to pick the learning lessons and move on with life. What's important is to not get tensed. One should keep calm in life. When you are calm and relaxed you can enjoy a good night's sleep and that to me is everything. We can so easily lose our quota of sleep and slip into a painful state of existence - life becomes so bitter. 

Incidents can turn bitter any point in time. Nothing is in one's control. One incident comes to my mind - Recently we had gone to Amsterdam Bos for an official party... we played football and then went out for boating... one of my friends fell down into water and ruined his mobile. I saw him very dejected as a result - somehow he couldn't forget his smartphone and kept on cursing himself. He kept thinking about all possible ways that could have prevented the loss.

His disappointment is genuine... however  I also thought - it could have turned worse as he can't swim. If we change our perspective to look at a loss, we can minimize our suffering and turn it into a feeling of gratitude. In any bad situation, life could have easily played a worse game with us... never to forget that!

As I write this, I have two problems haunting me - My stomach acid which keeps coming up like an unwelcome guest and my knee pain - sharp and strong attacks me sometimes unexpectedly out of nowhere... I have been dealing with these 2 discomforts somehow - keeping a positive frame of mind... but somehow it's also true that age is slowly catching up.

But I must say, at the same time, I see myself in a very good situation...a good place, a good job, a good family and so on... I am so grateful to God for all these. 

Not very difficult to count your blessings!


Zaanse Schans

June 12, 2016

This is a beautiful getaway from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. Here you get the essence of Holland in a netshell. You get a chance to explore the windmills - not only appreciate them from a distance but also get inside one of them and witness how people in the olden days harnessed wind energy.




When you stand close to it's blade and it rotates gracefully, you will realize how strong this giant machine is! As the wind blows - it rotates smoothly and which causes the various levers inside to rotate which can be used for different activities like grinding grains into flour or crushing seeds and flowers to produce oil. This is how people used to tap wind energy in the very early days of Dutch Civilization.

After coming out of the windmill we decided to visit the Time Museum.

A variety of archaic wall clocks, dating back from 14th to 17th century, are neatly arranged here and the mixture of the tick-tock sounds from different clocks create an eerie atmosphere. All of them have their own little story to unravel - if only one has the patience to stand quietly and try to connect with their heart beats. They have been running for a really long period of time - some how these unique creations defy the very element they represent - TIME.

The long hands of this wall-clock below,  as if declares that no one has ever escaped my grasp.

In the modern digital age we take everything for granted and all inventions seem very easy. Because we have the computer to help us. But back in those early period of civilization every bit of innovation was immensely difficult. All activities would be mechanical, entailing extraordinary precision and skill, patience and determination. In those days coming up with such innovative clocks is really worthwhile - something one should witness for sure.

Mechanical clocks need to be pulled down everyday to store potential energy inside the coil. Controlled and gradual release of this energy through unwinding of the strings causes the clock to run through out the day.


Insipid French Open Final

June 6, 2016

What a boring French open Final i just witnessed... no juice no life... no challenge.. no fight. I remember in the early days of schooling when i used to remain glued to portable black and white tv broadcasting an Agassi Sampras final -or something of that sort - it used to be such fun...
Or even a few years back when Nadal was in his peak and others would find it like an impossible stone-wall waiting to be curshed against in an epic final... Nadal was so ruthless and difficult to get over. Ooh- how hard Federer used to try and every time he used to fail - but those were even better games... far better than this one sided boring affair...
Federer is in the limelight of his career...  Nadal is battling an injury and who knows when we will again see in his prime? So we are left with no choice but to witness the same Djoko win again and again...

Who likes that? The viewers want variety and emergence of new faces, new heroes... But this doesn't seem very likely in the near future.

Netherlands - Day 1172: Is it necessary to say hello and smile when you see a stranger

June 3, 2016

This is in response to a recent fb message in one of the communities that the Indians don't greet or smile when they come across each other, or when the eyes happen meet on a road or in a mall...

I was wondering - from when this sudden expectation to greet or smile when an Indian come across another Indian stranger came into place... I mean why? Tomorrow you move along in life and career and go to a place where people hug when they meet and you are supposed to throw comments in similar lines - that Indians don't hug each other when they meet...

I mean, does this make any sense? Does it make sense to copy everything and ignore your own originality? 

If one is in a hurry or engrossed in something he can continue to be in that state. One shouldn't be considered rude in doing so. 

At other times one can say hello and then give a warm smile and if time permits may be initiate a conversation. But this is optional... 

Good feeling and warmth for the other person might always be present irrespective of whether that is shown with an external gesture (a smile) or whether one remains silently engrossed in his own-self. When the mind is matured - outward expression doesn't matter. As an example - in some customs there is Mother's day and in some customs there isn't. This doesn't necessarily make child's love for mother more in one case compared to the other. 

However it is true that when one goes to a new place he should try to follow the rules and customs while interacting with the natives of that place. So if you are an Indian and you happen to meet a Dutch Stranger, definitely you should smile and greet him with a warm "Hello"


The cuckoo clock

June 2, 2016

The cuckoo clock doesn't sing 
the battery is weak 
the clock still ticks

I turn around lazily
look at her shamelessly
she pleads for a change of battery

but i murmur - 
you are still showing right time

she whispers back - 
i want to sing.. i want to chime

i snub back - don't bother
you are just about fine

days go by... months pass...
whenever i need to check time
instinctively my eyes turn to her
and she always shows me the right time...

so many times i have had this fear
that the clock would stop now
the end is near...

i have started feeling guilty
i have done her wrong
i should have got her fresh lungs
to sing me the morning songs...

remained so busy in the daily grind 
had remained selfish all the time

better late than never - i say to myself
and rise and go to the supermarket

her reaction was like a joyful baby
when i showed her the new battery

so difficult to un-mount her from the wall
so annoying to clear up the dust
entanglement of the cobweb

She looks on with utmost faith
like a patient at the surgeon's knife

I dismantle her, I open her up
in a flash, the old battery comes out
she falls on the floor and blacks out

the new pair of lungs go in
She comes back to life again...

Waiting for the hour to strike now...
feels like an eternal pain

suddenly silence is ripped through
With her mellifluous Cuckoo...

Cuckoo... Cuckoo... Cuckoo...


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Rainy Evening through my window

May 31, 2016

Rainy Evening through my window

As I sit near the window,
I see flashes of lightening across the murky sky...
Someone from heaven is taking pictures of me?

A soft drizzle permeates the silence in sweet rhythm
In it's charm and tranquility rises a fear hidden
what if  the lightening lands on me?

i feel vulnerable...scared
i feel humble.....small

the flashes wane...
and i can't hear the thunder anymore, 
only the soothing rain...

I keep looking through the window...
at the cars parked on the deserted space below
They don't move an inch... least bothered of all
Beneath the glittering yellow lamps on the wall

A man in his cycle seems lost...
manages to cut his way through the wind and water

A pizza delivery boy revs his scooter...

Nature has no effect whatsoever...

But as it continues....  i can't help but think
in this ignorance is bliss... isn't it ?

Free from worry... anxiety... pain
the lightening has stopped and so has the rain

through the crack in a cloud shines the last golden ray
into the womb of darkness slips one more day...

My type of weekend

May 28, 2016

The roads here are empty. The sun is bright but there is no desire to go out of home. 

Its weekend and so I like to stay at home. 

The previous weekend - I had gone to my friend's house. He asked me - 'should we go to Berlin next weekend...."

i answered - " what's there to see in Berlin... and even if there's anything to see... i simply don't feel like going anywhere..."

He asked - "why?"

"well, " i answered rather hesitantly, " don't you feel it is rather hectic to rise from bed early and then run to this place and then finish your lunch faast in a hotel and then again run for the next destination and so on...Somehow i feel that this robs me off my weekend. it means i am having to work and toil hard like the weekdays... on the contrary my weekends should be slow and lazy - sleep till 10 am.... eat something and then again sleep till noon. get up and make some good food - finish lunch and start a new nextflix series..... that's my take on spending weekend...."

they both listened quietly and then laughed... it seemed they liked the ideaa in some corner of their mind....

My wife gave a look that said - "this man is not going to change! My God"

today as i write this - on another lazy saturday - suddenly i realized that my friend would be in Berlin - so i fb messaged him - dear friend - are you in Berlin

After some time i got the reply - "No we are at home only."

Did i influence him?

I hope not.

Betfred World Championship 2016... an update

April 26, 2016

As i write this, the quarter final match between kyren wilson vs mark selby, 1st session just finished... selby is leading by 6 -2 

the previous match that wilson played, he  was leading mark allen by 7-0.  And in this match he was trailing 6-0 

Sports can be such great leveller isn't it???... all the more reasons to remain humble and remain focussed. bcoz you never know....

not only sports but in life... it's always better to not celebrate too early and remain cautious even though the going is easy and the ride is smooth because you never know when it gets bumpy

in the other match between ronny sullivan vs barry hawkins, barry hawkins somehow managed to clinch victory just at the right moment and riding a little bit on luck as well. in this match, in every session barry was successful in taking lead up until the las few frames when Ronny showed his magic to level the game at 12-12. the decider was a cracker of a match and Hawkins capitalised on an unlucky potting of the cue ball by Rocket. 

Ronnie was slightly careless in his defensive and tactical games... he gave a few easy opportunities and they were nicely capitalized by Barry who seemed more hungry to win of the two... Sometimes it's the hunger that decides which way fate is going to swing... .some people just seem slightly more hungry than the other... remember it's  anyway a neck and neck contention and only a marginal advantage is all that is needed to get over the line...

at this point Ding is also playing great snooker and the world championship is becoming all the more exciting as the quarter final rounds are underway... Remember the big shots are all gone now - the likes of Ronnie, Murphy, Trump, Bingham are all out.. 

If i have to put my money on any player now - it would be Selby... it's a great opportunity for him to win this title! However, as we already have seen - anything can happen

daredevil - dialogues that can inspire

April 26, 2016

emotion can turn the most circumspect of men careless.

one cannot be both saviour and oppressor, light and shadow; one has to be sacrificed for the other... choose and choose wisely... or others shall choose for you

how do you do this? one foot in-front of the other like everybody else...

wind blows the hardest the closer you get to the mountain top

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