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Orange Sun and Cricket Match

March 20, 2017

The sun set looked beautiful today. We went to the roof and ate moodi (rice flakes), pea nuts and onions - with Srikanta Acharya's sweet Bengali songs in the background. A brief whatsapp video chat with baba and maa (father and mother) followed soon and we showed them the surrounding place from the roof. They were happy. The orange sun at the far corner started descending and I took  a few pictures. Sunday was disappearing with the sun. 

The sun rises each day and the sun descends - I contemplated.............

Morning and evening keep coming in an endless rhythm - somewhere in the corner of my heart I know that it's all there and it won't be somewhere in future. It's only a matter of time - then endless sea of time will wipe out everything. Then why are we so so serious with our daily business of work, promotion, salary and recognition?

All are running after money. Pursuit of money is only meaningful till a certain point in one's life - after which it becomes meaningless. There is a time - one needs to pause and reflect on the state of things.... and ask within - is it time to surrender and look for something more meaningful. I don't know from where this thought came - may be from the cricket match I watched today morning....

In the second innings after reaching the Australian mammoth total of 450 odd runs, India was going on accumulating runs at a painfully slow pace...instead of aiming for a declaration and letting the opponent bat for a few overs towards the end of fourth day. At this point it seemed clear that more than runs now, time was precious and it was foolishness to waste time and accumulate runs. Whats the purpose of match after all ? Winning or accumulating runs? 

The purpose of the match is to win - I felt the same about life - endless hankering of money is going to become meaningless if we keep losing time and if we are not directing our energy towards the important things. Because like the overs of the test match, the precious days in our lives also end with each sunset... just like the one I was looking at. As I kept my eyes towards the descending sun, I thought, instead - if we start exploring the unknown - it might become more worthy and meaningful. 

However there is a problem. In the match there are clear cut goals. But human life has no standard goal as such. There is no finishing line defined clearly and so one doesn't know where to reach or what's the ultimate. It therefore becomes easy to march with the herd and keep accumulating money because that is one thing which is capable of giving cheap recognition and which ensures that material suffering is minimum. In other words it's easier to keep knocking for singles or the occasional boundary and not think about declaring the innings.... in our lives we don't have a captain to decide the course of the match - it's we - who need to take the call.... Each one of us - alone in this journey.

Finally India had declared their innings after a short burst of panicky hard hitting and kept Aussie openers under pressure for 8 overs or so - they got two wickets for that crucial decision. Mind you - two precious Wickets. 

The orange sun is no more there. It's total dark. When i close my eyes I can still see the illumination of beautiful orange hue. The brilliance of the illumination is as strong as the real sun. It's all in the mind - it's such a powerful tool to create things at will. I think about the two wickets again and again - had Virat Kohli and the Indian think tank not thought beyond the immediate gratification of accumulating runs (read cheap recognition) and extending the lead, could they have got those valuable wickets? 

What are the wickets in our lives? I can see mundane work, money blah blah are the runs we accumulate but isn't it also necessary to think about declaring or surrendering all these runs and aiming for the wickets.

What are these wickets? 

Wait - who is watching us - who is watching us batting, fielding and bowling - we don't have a spectator. The players have the additional responsibility of answering the media and fans!!!

And do we have any one to provide an explanation for?

Conscience??? To our own selves???

Clustered Faces - 5

March 5, 2017

Romir playing with Snow

February 11, 2017


Time heals

February 9, 2017

No matter how distinct the scars are...



Idle your way through the days and you rust...

February 9, 2017

Idle your way through the days and you rust...

Take the beating and you shine.


Vocabulary - 2

January 24, 2017
  1. plat du jour - the special or featured dish of the day on a restaurant menu.

A Beautiful Trap

January 2, 2017

(Pic taken near Boeing Avenue on a cold misty Afternoon - the fine droplets of water from excessive fog have turned into snow particles rendering the white glow to the spider web)

Happy New Year 2017

January 1, 2017

Wishing you all a happy new year 2017

(Pic courtesy: Raghavendra. Place - near office in Boeing avenue)


Only a chosen few

December 23, 2016

Netherlands - Day 1367 (Winter again... )

December 18, 2016

Winters can be so boring in Netherlands. There is no place to go... not much excitement.  It's freezing cold everywhere. You remain packed in home.

But it also gives a lot of opportunities - specially in today's times when we have access to internet. If you go to youtube - you can type in any topic of your interest and there will be many videos. You can just go over them one by one and keep exploring.

Ted talks, travel blogs, philosophy, painting and so many topics - you can just watch whatever you want. 

Everything that you watch teaches you something new. Not necessarily everything is 100 percent new. Because at times you might already know it but it remains somehow dormant - so when you come across a similar line of thought presented in a new way it may rekindle your own thoughts and take it to another dimension. 

Then there are books that one can order online and read books. 

Is winter boring? No, not really.... If only you realize the amount of productive hours you can invest in your own self during weekend or other holidays.

Romir explaining symmetry

November 29, 2016

14 Candles

October 31, 2016

We say in bengali "choddo Batee"

Maa had earlier instructed us on phone to light  up 14 candles on the eve of Diwali and here it is: 

AEM 6.1 Tips and Tricks

October 24, 2016


  1. to enable online compaction -

    #put this in the file above"org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.segment.SegmentNodeStoreService"

  2. in aem 5.6.1 to check if tar optimization (for example the default one which runs from 02 am to 05 am ) is running or not - check this: grep tar error.log |grep optim |grep Schedu
  3. coming to vi command - as you would all know the meaning of dd - which is to delete a line... and x - which is to delete a character... have you ever thought about as to how to delete a group of characters till a particular character Well the answer is: dt<that_character>.... so it can be like dt<space> if you want to delete till the next space character.
    give it a try and i am pretty sure you will like it... as they say there is no end to learning...
  4. Author login problems   [log message - handleLoginFailure: Unable to authenticate anonymous user]
    - try doing this: in system console configMgr search for : author sling authentication service - and then update the anonymous user with correct admin user and password... this may solve the issue
  5. Mapping - note that mapping run modes are always picked from start script run mode parameters... however even then sometimes you may have problems...jcrresolver might not show the correct mapping info - that means the mapping is not picked up from right place - having issue with mapping?
    here /system/console/configMgr check for - apache sling resource resolver factory
  6. how to configure ldap log -
    these are the steps - create a new logger at apache logging with below config - 
    1. Log level: Debug Log File logs/ldap.log
    2. Message Pattern: {0,date,dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS} *{4}* [{2}] {3} {5}
    3. Logger:

Romir's Works - 1 (Rainbow)

September 15, 2016

Romir's art works - 


Netherlands - Day1257

August 28, 2016

It's the last leg of summer going on. Last couple of days have been pretty hot - so much so that I grabbed a fan from my colleague's desk and used it on my desk to get a relief from the heat. We don't have AC in the offices here as hot days are very rare. So when it is actually hot - people tend to run out of ideas as to how to handle the heat. 

Travelling in public transport is not possible if the windows are not opened to allow air inside the compartments. Not all the windows open and moreover these are not the sliding windows... these are the ones which tilt at an angle inward...

This one is on the roof...

Today is Sunday. Now as i write this, i can see the sky full of cloud through the window and the heat has subsided bringing relief to the people. 

Romir is now more than 5 years old. His new passion now is to take videos and photos in the tab. The whole day he keeps doing that. So when the owner and the house agent had come home for pre-checkout, he was going on taking photos until I told him not to take photos of others which is not correct. My owner being a national volley ball player, it's extremely important  that he is not clicked at and making this clear to small kid can be challenging. But it's good that he listens to whatever is told to him. In that way Sanchita and myself are lucky. Otherwise we have seen how sometimes other parents have such difficult time managing their out-of-control and unruly children. 

Romir's free hand drawing also takes on different forms of imagination and that's a real treat to watch. His fantasy with buses, metro's and trams seem to have no end and the gamut has become even wider with fire-trucks, snow cutters, snow movers, tree cutter vehicles and what not- names even i don't know exactly. 

Romir painted his Mother on Aug 2016 one more portrait of Romir's pather. Romir's drawing on Aug 2016

Romir showning his drawing

Yesterday we went to Sarvanabhavan, a South Indian Chain of restaurant, and had a nice full stomach lunch (Sarvana special meal) which was extremely satisfying. After lunch we were coming back to Weesperplein Station through a different route and happened to stumble upon a nice park. It was nice warm and sunny so couldn't resist the temptation of having a beer and smoke on the lush green grass with the warm sunlight all over us. Romir was busy playing with his newly purchased police car toy.

Time passed so fast and it was evening soon and so we decided to have dinner as well in Sarvana Bhavan. On our way from the park to the restaurant we saw a rather young, misbehaved and rude person trying to persuade his young daughter about something. Language problem prevented me to understand what was actually going on... but the body language was enough to send signals that something was not right.... The daughter was resisting her father and crying and the father was not able to control her. The rude manner in which he was handling her was quite pathetic and to my surprise so  many people walking along the footpath paid no attention to this rather abnormal behaviour. He was infact forcibly dragging her (well almost) to follow him... it was getting quite out of control as I was tempted to intervene... but the man sensed my intention and he left that place with his daughter. I felt this was kind of an abuse but I felt very helpless and later on reflected: if this is how he behaves with her on a road infront of public, what is he going to do when they reach home. Actually it's also not quite right to come to a judgement and may be the parent was trying to discipline his kid, but honestly, i felt this was more of an abuse and not disciplining. Parents need to learn to be more patient and need to show more respect to the young ones. Anyways, after this we entered Sarvana Bhavan and finished dinner (Dosa, Idly, Vada, Mango lassi) and reached home - satisfied and happy. Amstel river from the bridge while on our way back home... 

We slept like logs of wood in the night. Next day morning we felt fresh and energetic. I have realized that it's always good to go around places, go on a 10 km long run, or play foot ball in the park and so on in a weekend.

That not only ensures a good night's sleep but also ensures you stay healthy because one of the important results of this is "improved digestion". Just staying all day like a couch potato inside the four walls of the home can prove to be very bad for health. As one ages, the need to remain engaged in physical activities become all the more important.

Of late we have started going to a badminton club in Amstelveen on Wednesdays - needless to say - this has improved my health a lot - my stomach acid problem has reduced and I feel much more lighter. My weight is around 78. Before a year it was 82. It's so boring to run or spend time in gym - but if you get to play a game like badminton that really does magic because it has the mix of exercise, stretching, running and enjoyment - such a lethal combination to tone yourself down and stay fit. We have a badminton whatsapp group and come out of office around 6 pm.

We are vacating the house in Uithoorn and moving to a new place in Almere. It's time for Romir to go to an English Medium School. Till group-1 he has been going to a Dutch school and his proficiency in Dutch is now very good. So much so that the School Teachers had no idea behind this decision of ours. Actually more than anything, back home, it is his Grandfather's desire that he should go to an English school, so that in future if we move to a different place, it shouldn't impact his education. Having said that, we really appreciate the standard of Dutch Education in primary schools over here. They pay attention to each and every student meticulously and work very hard to instill good manners, creativity, knowledge and wisdom into the young and tender minds. 

Last few days we were busy cleaning the house and also looking for new house for rent in Almere. This is on the way to Almere for house-hunt. (5 families had come to check the same house and later on luckily we were the ones selected by the owner) - 

It has been quite hectic balancing office work and planning this transition. Getting a new house now is very difficult because there is a lot of demand for houses now in Netherlands. Lot of new expats are coming here to work and looking for a place to rent. 

A couple of weeks back Gayatri had come from India for a stint-of-work in Netherlands. We had a nice get-together in one week. A couple of week later we went to her house and spent a nice whole day infront of Schiveningen Beach. This is the pic below - 

The sea looked gorgeous - 


Cloud Flame

August 1, 2016

Count your blessings

July 15, 2016

It's been quite a few days having written something in this space so thought of penning a few words...

I was actually so happy as I logged into this blog portal and found 1 comment - quickly approved the comment and went back to the site

As my website appeared I scrolled down to find the comment - excitement turned into disappointment.

Someone had injected a spam message with his/her website link to increase traffic... Bad hidden agenda... the same comment i had received 3 or 4 times... i mean same... it's so blatantly screaming I AM A SPAMMER!!!! 

Comments have dried down these days - not much people are reading the blog - people have nothing to say it seems... this space is getting boring with the passage of time. The advertisements are also not generating much revenue! But that's okay. I am not bothered much, honestly! 

I have learnt that's its better to brush off disappointments and get on with life.

It's not good to lose one's sleep over things that turn bad or out of control - it only harms us. it's better to pick the learning lessons and move on with life. What's important is to not get tensed. One should keep calm in life. When you are calm and relaxed you can enjoy a good night's sleep and that to me is everything. We can so easily lose our quota of sleep and slip into a painful state of existence - life becomes so bitter. 

Incidents can turn bitter any point in time. Nothing is in one's control. One incident comes to my mind - Recently we had gone to Amsterdam Bos for an official party... we played football and then went out for boating... one of my friends fell down into water and ruined his mobile. I saw him very dejected as a result - somehow he couldn't forget his smartphone and kept on cursing himself. He kept thinking about all possible ways that could have prevented the loss.

His disappointment is genuine... however  I also thought - it could have turned worse as he can't swim. If we change our perspective to look at a loss, we can minimize our suffering and turn it into a feeling of gratitude. In any bad situation, life could have easily played a worse game with us... never to forget that!

As I write this, I have two problems haunting me - My stomach acid which keeps coming up like an unwelcome guest and my knee pain - sharp and strong attacks me sometimes unexpectedly out of nowhere... I have been dealing with these 2 discomforts somehow - keeping a positive frame of mind... but somehow it's also true that age is slowly catching up.

But I must say, at the same time, I see myself in a very good situation...a good place, a good job, a good family and so on... I am so grateful to God for all these. 

Not very difficult to count your blessings!


Romir turns 5

July 1, 2016

Zaanse Schans

June 12, 2016

This is a beautiful getaway from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. Here you get the essence of Holland in a netshell. You get a chance to explore the windmills - not only appreciate them from a distance but also get inside one of them and witness how people in the olden days harnessed wind energy.




When you stand close to it's blade and it rotates gracefully, you will realize how strong this giant machine is! As the wind blows - it rotates smoothly and which causes the various levers inside to rotate which can be used for different activities like grinding grains into flour or crushing seeds and flowers to produce oil. This is how people used to tap wind energy in the very early days of Dutch Civilization.

After coming out of the windmill we decided to visit the Time Museum.

A variety of archaic wall clocks, dating back from 14th to 17th century, are neatly arranged here and the mixture of the tick-tock sounds from different clocks create an eerie atmosphere. All of them have their own little story to unravel - if only one has the patience to stand quietly and try to connect with their heart beats. They have been running for a really long period of time - some how these unique creations defy the very element they represent - TIME.

The long hands of this wall-clock below,  as if declares that no one has ever escaped my grasp.

In the modern digital age we take everything for granted and all inventions seem very easy. Because we have the computer to help us. But back in those early period of civilization every bit of innovation was immensely difficult. All activities would be mechanical, entailing extraordinary precision and skill, patience and determination. In those days coming up with such innovative clocks is really worthwhile - something one should witness for sure.

Mechanical clocks need to be pulled down everyday to store potential energy inside the coil. Controlled and gradual release of this energy through unwinding of the strings causes the clock to run through out the day.


Insipid French Open Final

June 6, 2016

What a boring French open Final i just witnessed... no juice no life... no challenge.. no fight. I remember in the early days of schooling when i used to remain glued to portable black and white tv broadcasting an Agassi Sampras final -or something of that sort - it used to be such fun...
Or even a few years back when Nadal was in his peak and others would find it like an impossible stone-wall waiting to be curshed against in an epic final... Nadal was so ruthless and difficult to get over. Ooh- how hard Federer used to try and every time he used to fail - but those were even better games... far better than this one sided boring affair...
Federer is in the limelight of his career...  Nadal is battling an injury and who knows when we will again see in his prime? So we are left with no choice but to witness the same Djoko win again and again...

Who likes that? The viewers want variety and emergence of new faces, new heroes... But this doesn't seem very likely in the near future.

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